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We all know that John, David, Matthew, Paul, Mary, Eve, and Rebekah are in the Bible, but here are some names from the Good Book that just might surprise you. (more…)


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Conventional naming wisdom says that names tend to become popular in 100-year-cycles.  A generation has to die off before the common names of that generation can sound new and fresh again.  This is why many of our great-grandparents’ names (like Clara and Emma) sound cute, but our grandparents’ names (like Barbara and Norma) or parents’ names (like Deborah and Patricia) sound dated and very unfashionable.

However, there are some names that seem to transcend these trends and maintain relatively consistent popularity throughout the years.  I like to think of these as “timeless names” because one could imagine them suiting a person born any time during the last century. (more…)

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