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Whether you’ve read the books or seen the movie or not, chances are you’ve at least heard of the Twilight saga, by Stephenie Meyer. And chances are, if you’re a name enthusiast, you appreciate some of the names she chose for her characters. What about those, though, who aren’t followers of Twilight but have always planned to call their first son Edward or their first daughter Rosalie?

One reader wonders, can you still use these names without sounding too much like a fan? (more…)


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It’s the ultimate princess name, having been worn by royals in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, France, and Scotland.  It’s also a versatile literary choice used by authors from Shakespeare to Jane Austen to Emily Bronte (and more recently, by Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series).  But if its top-10 status has you looking further afield, you’ve come to the right place. (more…)

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