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It’s the ultimate princess name, having been worn by royals in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, France, and Scotland.  It’s also a versatile literary choice used by authors from Shakespeare to Jane Austen to Emily Bronte (and more recently, by Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series).  But if its top-10 status has you looking further afield, you’ve come to the right place. (more…)


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Sophia is a lovely name, isn’t it?  The problem is that everyone else seems to agree!  It is currently a top 10 choice in the U.S. and still seems to be on the rise.  I’m a literature nut, and I fell in love with the name after reading it in two great 18th-century British novels.  However, I’m also a first grade teacher, and after seeing a large crop of Sophia’s sprouting up every year, the name is beginning to lose its appeal.

Luckily, there are quite a few other names with similar qualities, so if you’re in love with Sophia but want something a bit more distinctive for your child, you just might consider one of these appealing substitutes. (more…)

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