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After recently delving into the realm of popular teen fiction, let’s turn in the other direction today and look at a highly literary choice.

Tulliver. (more…)


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Whether you’ve read the books or seen the movie or not, chances are you’ve at least heard of the Twilight saga, by Stephenie Meyer. And chances are, if you’re a name enthusiast, you appreciate some of the names she chose for her characters. What about those, though, who aren’t followers of Twilight but have always planned to call their first son Edward or their first daughter Rosalie?

One reader wonders, can you still use these names without sounding too much like a fan? (more…)

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I’m 10 weeks today!  According to www.babycenter.com, my baby is now the size of a kumquat.  I like kumquats.  They’re little and silly, and they have a fun name.  I think I’m going to enjoy calling the baby a kumquat this week.

Speaking of what to call the baby, I got my husband to sit down and talk baby names yesterday.  I’ve been wanting him to come up with his own list of names he likes instead of simply picking and choosing off mine.  To facilitate the process (and since I thought a huge book of baby names might intimidate him), I introduced him to Nymbler. (more…)

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