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Hello, everyone!  I have some exciting news to share.  My husband and I found out about a month ago that we are expecting our first child!  I just got back from the doctor today.  We had an ultrasound and all appears to be going well.  The baby is measuring at 8 weeks and 2 days, which means it’s somewhere between the length of a kidney bean and a grape.  It has a big head and a normal heartbeat, and it even kicked its teensy little leg.  Who knew kidney beans could kick?  Weird.

Anyway, you have probably noticed I haven’t been posting quite as much as usual.  I’ve been very tired recently, and surprisingly enough this news has made me want to spend more time with my husband (while I still can) and less time thinking about baby names (at least for the moment).  But as soon as the school year is over next week, I should be back to posting regularly.

We have been talking about names a bit, of course.  How could we not?  At the moment, we feel we have a good list of girl possibilities, including our one clear front-runner (Clara).  The boys’ list definitely needs work, so I’m sure I’ll be calling on you all for help on that front.  We apparently have until January 4, 2010, to figure this all out.

We’re very excited, and I’m glad I’ll finally be able to replace the generic baby in the picture above with one of my own making!


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As a teacher, I spend countless hours correcting spelling and punctuation of my students’ papers.  But one reader wonders, are there spelling and punctuation rules when it comes to baby names? (more…)

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